Houdeshell Advisors, LLC
 Creating Value for Business Owners™

About Us

Our mission at Houdeshell Advisors, LLC is to create value for our clients - the business owners, shareholders and senior executives who have a significant stake in the enterprise.
We have expertise in a wide spectrum of disciplines and industries. Monty Houdeshell, Principal at Houdeshell Advisors, has more than 25 years of experience as a senior financial, administrative and operating executive, consultant, and board member in both small family owned companies and large corporate enterprises.

We do this in a multiplicity of ways from best practices in financial leadership, to planning an exit strategy, to optimizing cash flow, and providing transparency and credibility in financial information and effectiveness in operating metrics.

We work in a variety of capacities tailored to ensure successful outcomes.

Engagements are structured and priced in a way to help make sure that you are receiving value for the work completed.

We constantly monitor and provide regular feedback on our progress so that adjustments can be made to meet changing conditions.
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