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Strategic Planning

Operating your business without a strategic plan is like taking a road trip without a destination - any road will take you there...

Houdeshell Advisors will assist you in charting a course to the destination of your choice. For more than 25 years we have been advising Boards and CEOs on the path to value creation. We will assist you in defining your direction, establishing your goals, and executing on the strategies to transform your business.

Numerous elements need to come together to create a successful strategic plan. The following are representative of activities we will perform or collaborate with your team to accomplish.

  • Perform a Business Assessment
  • Understand your measures of success
  • Create a Strategic Vision
  • Define major goals
  • Establish the end game
  • Architect a business transformation – moving from the current state to the strategic vision to which you aspire

  • Review and evaluate existing strategic  and financial plans
  • Perform a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) or evaluate the SWOT inherent in your existing plan
  • Understand market position and customer perceptions
  • Evaluate budgets and forecasts
  • Assess internal growth potential
  • Assess potential for growth through acquisitions
  • Develop a planning model
  • Assess and or help establish financial goals

  • Evaluate the company infrastructure
  • Assess financial systems
  • Analyze the segmentation of profitability – evaluation of margins by channel, customer product group, SKU, sales rep, geographic area, business line, plant or office
  • Benchmark against industry performance

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Capital expenditure planning, analysis and financing alternatives
  • Capital structure planning

  • Evaluate links between strategies, tactics, and individual responsibilities
  • Develop strategic planning scorecard
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