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Exit Strategy

What's your end game? Do you have a plan for creating a liquidity event? How will you realize the value from the business you have worked so hard to create?

Houdeshell Advisors will help you create an exit strategy. Whether you are ready for a public offering, want to orchestrate a cross-generational transfer, or find the perfect merger candidate, we can help. We have extensive experience in both the public company environment and with private family-owned businesses.
A successful liquidity event does not happen by chance and there are many facets to be considered. A few of the issues and concerns we address and various aspects of our process are summarized below.

  • Understanding personal objectives
  • Validating the business plan
  • Valuing the business
  • Creating a plan that optimizes objectives
  • Consideration of all constituents
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Tax considerations

  • Develop Alternative liquidity options
  • Merging the business
  • Partial or complete sale
  • Sale of a division
  • Recapitalization
  • Leveraging the business
  • Dividends
  • Liquidation

  • Identify multiple sources of capital
  • Generational transitions
  • Management buy-outs
  • Financial buyers
  • Strategic buyers
  • Equity partners
  • ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans)
  • Private Placement
  • Initial Public Offering
  • Secondary offering

  • Execute on the plan
  • Identify targets
  • Due diligence on partners
  • Negotiation and deal structure
  • SEC Filings
  • Change Management
  • Communications
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