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CFO Advisory Services

As your interim or part-time CFO, Houdeshell Advisors will provide you the insights, leadership and counsel you would expect from a best in class Chief Financial Officer. Whether you engage us to provide the full range of comprehensive solutions consistent with a full functioning CFO or you choose only to engage us for select services you can expect the same high quality outcomes and experience.

General Advisory Services include typical activities in the day to day management of the company's finance and accounting function.

 General Advisory Services

  • Financial leadership to the organization
  • Management of the accounting and finance staff
  • Evaluation of the finance, accounting, and administrative team
  • Analysis of operating results
  • Development of an analytics and management reporting package
  • Development of dashboard metrics, scorecards,  key performance indicators


  • Profit margin analysis
  • Segmentation of profitability – evaluation of margins by channel, customer product group, SKU, sales rep, geographic area, business line, plant or office
  • Evaluating product and or service costs and supporting cost systems
  • Pricing analytics
  • Expense analysis


  • Cash flow analysis
  • Working capital requirements analysis
  • Collection of receivables, vendor payments, inventory management


  • Financial statement transparency, credibility and effectiveness
  • Financial statement timeliness and closing cycle
  • Financial management best practices
  • Debt covenant analysis


  • Operations integration and alignment
  • Process mapping and business process improvements   


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