Houdeshell Advisors, LLC
 Creating Value for Business Owners™

How We Work

We work in a variety of capacities and will design a fee structure that meets your needs while ensuring a successful outcome.

Our goal is to retain you as a long term client so our bias is to utilize your own staff to the fullest extent possible, delegating activities and thereby reducing the cost to you and training the staff to function at a higher level.
Interim Executive - Short or long term interim executive engagements are usually priced as time based projects, hourly or daily.

Part-Time Executive - Longer term part time assignments are often based on a retainer and or a monthly fee.

Project Based - Specific project management undertakings, acquisition due diligence or divestitures may be fixed price based on estimated costs to complete and success fees.

In all engagements, continuous dialogue between advisor and client helps assure that your needs are being met. Modifications to the work arrangements can be made to reflect the changing conditions of the project.
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