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Business Assessment

While all of our services are availble individually, our preferred approach, when engaged as an interim or part-time CFO or for a broad strategic assignment, is to began with a general Business Assessment of the company.

The process, a diagnostic review
including interviews with key staff and an in-depth look at your financials, is designed to provide us with the best possible foundation for identifying strategic issues and recommending the appropriate solutions.

Although there are numerous potential elements to an
assessment, we will first work with you to specifically establish our approach and to define the time and resources required. Our objective is to obtain the business intelligence necessary to craft a roadmap for value creation and help you meet your ultimate goals.

Every Business Assessment is different, custom tailored to your business, but the tasks below are typical.


  • Review of strategic and financial plans
  • Obtain an understanding of how you measure success and reward performance
  • Benchmarking against industry performance


  • Interviews with key staff
  • Understand market position and customer perceptions
  • Evaluation of company culture
  • Evaluation of the management team strengths and weaknesses and ability to grow


  • Analysis of recent trends in financial and operating results
  • Review of cash forecasts and capital requirements
  • Assess environment for internal controls
  • Analyze the segmentation of profitability – evaluation of margins by channel, customer product group, SKU, sales rep, geographic area, business line, plant or office
  • Overhead expense and infrastructure analysis
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