Houdeshell Advisors, LLC
 Creating Value for Business Owners™

Solutions and Services

Creating Value for Business OwnersTM

  • Advisory Services
  • Financial leadership to the organization
  • Profit margin analysis
  • Segmentation of profitability
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Financial statement transparency, credibility and effectiveness
  • Operations integration and alignment 


  • Business Assessments
  • Review of strategic and financial plans
  • Interviews with key staff
  • Understand market position and customer perceptions
  • Analysis of recent trends in financial and operating results


  • Strategic Planning
  • Perform a Business Assessment
  • Review and evaluate existing strategic and financial plans
  • Develop a planning model
  • Evaluate the company infrastructure
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Evaluate links between strategies, tactics, and individual responsibilities

  • Capital Raises
  • Performing a Business Assessment
  • Capital structure planning
  • Identification of available sources of financing
  • Investor relations
  • IPO readiness

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures
  • Development of acquisition strategy
  • Post-transaction Integration planning and execution
  • Transaction Support

  • Exit Strategy
  • Understanding personal objectives
  • Develop Alternative liquidity options
  • Identify multiple sources of capital
  • Execute on the plan
Houdeshell Advisors is a hands-on advisory practice addressing business problems in a wide range of industries for CEOs, Boards of Directors and Business Owners.

We work with your team to complete assignments in an advisory capacity or as interim executives.

We help businesses create value by developing and executing to completion innovative solutions to critical strategic issues.

We work in a variety of capacities, as

  • Advisor or Consultant to the Board of Directors, CEO or other senior executives providing a full compliment of consulting and advisory services to help businesses unlock hidden value. We work as independent consutants to evaluate strategic issues and deliver creative solutions to critical problems. We also work as project managers and team leaders, fully integrated with your staff, to complete specific tasks.
  • Interim CFO or CEO during a period of transition, assuming complete responsibilty for all job functions and duties, including supervision of staff, problem resolution and execution of strategies.
  • Part-time CFO for a long-term or indefinite period. We can fill that gap between the capabilities of your current staff and the leadership you would like to have but are not sure you can afford. We work out an arrangement that meets your needs and your budget.
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