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Capital Raises

Business, at its core, is a competition for capital.

At Houdeshell Advisors we help you define your capital requirements consistent with your strategic plan and consistent with the fulfillment of your strategic vision.

Once requirements are defined, we help you identify alternative sources, create a capital structure plan, and execute on the strategy.
Crucial to assuring that sufficient capital is available to the business is a good strategic plan. Some of the other activities, alternatives, and considerations in the capital rasing process are summarized below.

  • Performing a Business Assessment
  • Evaluating strategic and financial plans
  • Assessing revenue and profit forecasts
  • Analyzing and forecasting cash flow
  • Identifying capital requirements
  • Valuation of the business 
  • Capital structure planning
  • Balance sheet liquidation
  • Assessing and establishing banking and other lender relationships
  • Identifying collateral
  • Debt covenant analysis 
  • Identification of available sources of financing
  • Public and private markets
  • Debt – senior, mezzanine, subordinate
  • Equity - angels, venture capital, private equity, IPO, secondary
  • Equipment and property leasing 
  • Investor relations
  • Communications
  • Preparation of  presentations and materials for potential lenders and investors 
  • IPO readiness
  • SEC filings
  • Sox compliance
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